“Housing & A Place To Grow Is A Human Right”― A Practical Proposal Aided by New Technology

On 8-29-2016, Wild Willpower released the following downloadable PDF files to more clearly explain our purpose & plans- what we’re working on, & how to get involved.

Part 1: The Movement

  • Our National Housing Solutions Proposal;  There are currently more than 7 million housing units than are needed to house the U.S. population; this Petition is to “Eminent Domain” all rental spaces (via re-allocating the $20 billion we currently spend on Section 8 in order to “buy out landlords”) and the 19 million abandoned properties throughout the country as part of an “en masse homesteading (gardening) movement; “housing & a place to grow is a human right”.
  • Wild Willpower’s Petitioning & Civil Rights Legal Self-Help Guidewhen out petitioning- know your rights.  Legally collect contributions- everyone should read this guide to learn more about our amazing civil law system here in the U.S.- knowledge that should have been taught to everyone in high school.  New updated guide *coming soon*!

Part 2: Orchestrating The Movement

  • New Technology- The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone Appamazing new technology to aid humanity, co-processes your GPS, time of year, & elevation so that you can identify any lichen, plant, mushroom, tree, shrub, grass, or mold (etc.) within less than 5 questions.  Learn step-by-step their edible, medicinal, & utility uses, & much more.  Let’s get our kids chasing & identifying trees & plants instead of Pokemon! 
  • A Legal & Information Guide for Wildharvesters; learn to coordinate with U.S. Forest Service Officials to coordinate legal wildharvests.  This guide teaches a real plan to prevent wildfires and produce an abundant drought-tolerant food supply in a way which replenishes native ecosystems via “positive-impact harvesting techniques”.
  • Homesteading Starter Kits; native & heirloom seed (& mushroom) “starter kits” which come pre-packed with their corresponding companion plants and instructions fo“highly-efficient gardening techniques; we’re currently fundraising in order to compile these kits & get them out to as many people as possible to build a universally-beneficial, abundance-based movement.

There are a couple related PDFs coming within the week.

Below you will find much more content regarding “what we’re up to”.  We are currently seeking donations to move our organization forward & continue building The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App.  Any support is greatly appreciated- we are currently severely underfunded & struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis.  This is grassroots. If able, please support

Our Fundraising Campaign

Our National Plan:

Our prime directive includes mapping & conveying a practical plan “to provide housing and healthy, ecologically-sustainable food supplies to all people” as part of a larger “universal human rights and resource relief” movement that:

We Hold The Following Truth To Be Self-Evident:

That all natural persons are endowed by their Creator with the unalienable right to “housing & a place to grow food”, as these are fundamental needs for basic survival.  Human dignity & actual freedom depend upon having these needs fulfilled.

Land Management; An Upgrade from Modern Practices:

Permaculture & Ethnobiology Combined

Soon we’ll broadcast how to harvest many delicious, industrially-viable products from the wilderness using Positive Impact Harvesting Techniques in order to “benefit the health of native ecosystems by way of harvest & by way of amount harvested”.   De-shellers, oil presses, grain mills, & other technologies combined with the use of highly-efficient (yes- even by today’s standards) traditional Native American processing techniques” will be broadcast to demonstrate a replicablerenewable, production-based resource management system which restores native ecosystems, prevents wildfires, and produces way more resources while exhausting way less time, energy, & resources (water!!) than our current methods of resource management undertake.

Note:  We’ll begin broadcasting how to process the following products following the acquisition of Our List of Needed Resources.

1.)  Highly-Nutritious Acorn Flour & Oil

3 Different Species of Acorn Nuts:

3 acorns

2.)  Buckeye Nut flour

  • Caution!  Buckeye nuts are poisonous when eaten raw due to the chemical aesculin present throughout the tree!
  • Buckeye nut flour has been a mainstay food for people around the world for hundreds of years, & can be processed into a highly-nutritious, starchy flour similar to potato flour.
  • Buckeye trees produce 4.4 tons of nuts per acre!
  • Buckeye nuts are much larger than most nuts currently sold on the U.S. market.  An abundant local food source!

California Buckeye Nut:

Buckeye nut

3.)  Pine nuts, pollen, & oil


  • Currently pine nuts are generally shipped in from China or Russia when found in markets, however many very large pine nuts can be found growing from grow coast-to-coast throughout the U.S.
  • Nuts edible raw or toasted, and can be pressed for oil.

Pine Nuts:

Pine Nuts


  • The pollen from the catkins contains 30% its weight in protein as well as a wide variety of minerals & nutrients, & was traditionally harvested as a food source by both Native Americans and Indo-Europeans prior to the expanse of the Holy Roman Empire.  The pollen can be harvested in spring.

Pine Pollen Being Shaken Out of the Catkin:

Pine Pollen

4.)  Sycamore Syrup

  • similar to maple syrup, but tastes more like butterscotch & honey.
  • Just like Maple syrup, Sycamores make yummy syrup without even harming the tree.  Its “the west coast syrup”!!

Palmate Sycamore Leaves & Globose Seed Pods:

Sycamore Seed Pods

We’ll also broadcast how to produce many other products using techniques found in our first major publication (available as soon as we attain these resources), called More Valuable Than Gold written by former U.S. Army Ethnobotany & Wilderness Survival Instructor dedicated lifelong teacher Richard Lonewolf, & photographed, produced, & with forward written by Wild Willpower‘s founder & former longtime student, Alexandra “Distance Everheart” Wilson:

Click to read preview pages:

Latest Book Cover ad

Once we have broadcast how to combine these Permaculture & Ethnobiology techniques, our model can be replicated & improved upon to establish:

Land Grants & Initial Starting Resources to Be Issued to Productive, Eco-Wise Homesteaders & Sustainable Living Projects; a class action lawsuit in-the-making.

Summary of Public Resources We’re Producing to Aid “The Movement”:

What’s Up With The Nationalism???

We’re helping to restore the knowledge of true American Common Law, because the more people learn about Common Law– the better your life and the lives of people around you will become- and the healthier this planet will become for future generations who will look back to ours & say, “They finally did it.  They stepped up against all odds in order to come together & replace wars with putting ‘food, housing, & healthcare for all’ first.”

Glossy Acorn Card

Have you ever wondered what the “big secret” is that keeps some people “in the know” & able to *get* whatever resources they wantwhile others struggle working day in & day just to make ends meet… barely?  Well- we’re “letting the ‘legal cat’ out of the bag“: you don’t need to be a business owner, a lawyer, or a high-industry web developer to be able to afford some things in which all people need & inherently are due- land, housing, & basic necessities to be able to live a productive life.  If you’re seeking to find a home without the need to have to come up with monthly rent or mortgage– if you require land to grow food & herbal medicine upon to feed yourself, your family, & also to share with others- if you need a home so that you have a place to lay your head at night- then congratulations because that is the exact reason we built Wild Willpower– so you can be allocated the “land & resources” you require to be able to homestead a tenable piece of land to finally call your own; it is a matter of “learning vital information” so that this researched, orchestrated movement can be done in a socially AND ecologically beneficial way, & then “taking it through the Court” among our “Redress of Grievances.

First Thing’s First:

    If everyone were to simply “go out into the woods to stake their claims”, most land would be eaten up so fast it would cause irreversible damage to native ecosystems- so its essential that this movement is brought together thoughtfully & carefully by spreading knowledge, & then by “universalizing access”.  Anyone who has read American history knows about the unconstitutional, atrocious crimes that were done & unfortunately still are done (in places) to Native Americans including murder, genocide, & land theft- but (to present a relevant analogy) we’re an organization who sees America as being founded on freeing the slaves- not founded upon slavery itself; slavery was carried over, abolished, & we are in a young nation among many much older Native American nations, & we have healing, reconciliation,  & work to do; with guiding principles of truth & justice& liberty  for all- our nation is founded on trying to make things right– one precedent at a time- long live The Preamble!

1 Preamble

[A sincere “thank you” to Minnesota Public Schools for the above graphic of The Preamble of The Constitution of United States!]

A bit about our organization:

We’re “a peaceable assembly of civilians” operating without prejudice in regard & in accordance to The First Amendment of The Constitution of The United States; we’re working to help the people as best we know how, & the lines are open because you’re part of this movementwe’re not an “ignore you organization”! 

We’re currently located in Fairfax, California, engaged in “finding a land space & home to homestead” from where we can model the movement, print & disseminate our publications and the homesteading starter kits, & continue to build the websites and upcoming “history of civil law & civil rights self-help” almanac which is mostly finished.  We also currently have several boxes of acorns, as well as an amazing de-sheller & oil press, & we’re looking forward to not only processing them into flour & oil, but also broadcasting how to do so via both this website and www.WildLivingSkills.org in order to help orchestrate the movement asap.

We currently plan to  soon file our registration packet which just arrived from the Federal Elections Commission we’re planning to officially register as America’s first Civil PAC.  Our greatest need as an organization- besides land where we can homestead in order to produce a great deal of wild edibles, oils, herbs, & broadcast plenty of educational footage & publications. We would prefer an energy-efficient vehicle- a RAV4perhaps, due to energy efficiency & size for hauling gear & books, etc..  We also require a commercial printer in order print publications & get them out to as many people as possible in order to broadcast “the education & plan”.  We would like to have our work seen as a gift to help humanity “out-abundance the scarcity” we’ve all been living in for too long.  We’re seeking passionate people who have read through the websites (described below) & who are passionate & wise people who have read through everything & also in witness to the value of this work being as well-orchestrated as possible to help streamline it beautifully & smoothly.  Please email Distance@WildWillpower.org to connect.


  • “More Valuable Than Gold”:  180 page (240 color photos) ethnobotany & traditional Native American daily life skills textbook written by Cherokee elder & former U.S. Army Survival Instructor Richard “Lonewolf” Legan.
  • “New American Dream”: how to lawfully claim a physically abandoned & neglected property for the purpose of homesteading.
  • “The History of Civil Law”:  world & American history traced back to “the birth of the economic system” through the rise & fall of Rome which led to the development of the the civil (rights) law system- takes reader through the American revolution to “Civil Rights Self Defense” in the federal judiciary. 

Online Resources:

  • www.ReUniteTheStates.org:  “The Public Intelligence Agency(also in-the-making) teaches world & American history through a “lens” which has never been broadcast with such focus- includes a growing section on “Civil Rights Self Defense“, & much more useful information being compiled to not only raise awareness of how the system operates, but also to raise appreciation for the concept of “universal human rights”, & “the struggle of our ancestors” to help design such a complex & hard-fought, intelligently-designed system that has basically been corrupted due to lack of knowledge in the general sector- this site seeks to help remedy that by becoming a credible source of information brought together in such a way that it can be more easily understood to help The People as a First Amendment activity.
  • www.TribalLivingSpaces.org: a plan for “native animal sanctuaries” & “tribal living spaces” merged among newly-designated “non-commerciable zones” primarily along the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, & Continental Divide Trail.  For both Hunter/Gatherer andWild Vegan Villages“.
  • www.KernRiverCoop.com:  For many years we’ve been working to create “the first wildharvesting cooperative in the country” in order to model a renewable, productionbased economy that prevents wildfires.  Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative is an easily replicable plan to help the economy in a way which preserves & honors the native ecosystems (i.e. National Forests & Parks, State ParksWildlife Refuges, etc. etc. etc.).  “Positive-Impact Harvesting Techniques” are designed to ensure that the health of ecosystems is benefited by way of harvest; unfortunately Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative was recently sabotaged by several men who had sworn to uphold the positions of Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies in the manner that is Constitutionally prescribed by law, but who did not.


    On 5-11-2016, the founders of Wild Willpower, Alexandra Wilson & Kevin Byrd, were illegally removed from their home by approximately 5 Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies who violated our First, 4th, 5th, & 14th Amendment rights, as well as CALIFORNIA STATE PENAL CODES 141 (“taking digital evidence from a civilian in order to fraudulently represent the footage as ‘evidence’ against them”), 146 (“unlawful removal of persons from lands in which they lawfully possess”), & 602 (“trespassing”).  We have since filed an affidavit for a Citizen’s Arrest on the officers, & publicly released the affidavit as a free downloadable “book” called “New American Dream”; please read the full story & follow the case here.

Mix of Heirlooms

We’re a We-The-People-movement focused on building a bridge to help society transition from “an ecologically-destructive, socially unjust way of living” to “a sustainable, highly-abundant way of living”.

Let’s Live Better.

If able please consider offering a campaign contribution or becoming a monthly sponsor by emailing Distance@WildWillpower.org.  We’re working a fulltime job on these projects with very little income currently, & are in need of a greater level of support than we have been getting.  Thank you so much!

Here Are Some Other Ways To Get involved


Buckey livingry

A very special thank you to WaldenLabs.com for assembling the above commemorative graphic of Buckminster Fuller that we’re using under Fair Use to help convey our “internationally-beneficial national plan”.

www.WildWillpower.org, & all our project websites, publications, broadcasts, & native seed packets, are being peaceably assembled as modes of First Amendment expression All content throughout these sites are solely owned by Wild Willpower PAC.  The content throughout these sites is being made available for educational purposes to help provide people with vital knowledge among an important plan that will save livesEveryone working to make Wild Willpower as good as it can be has a stake in making sure this ancient & sacred knowledge of all our ancestors is not being used in such a way which exploits people, animals, or natural resources, & we are seeking to work in collaboration with teachers & developers in a way which serves them as well as the public as best possible- that is why your support is so important– so we can take care of those who are working diligently to bring Wild Willpower to you.


Wild Willpower

Nelson Mandela make others free  Thank you www.InspirationBoost.com for sharing this exceptional commemorative quote by Nelson Mandela that we’re utilizing thanks to Fair Use!


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Everything throughout this website is presented, without prejudice, in accordance with The First Amendment, Fair Use,  Casus foederis.

Casus foederis is the event upon the occurrence of which it becomes the duty of one of the allies to render the promised assistance to the other.  Thus, in the case of a defensive alliance, the casus foederis occurs when war is declared or commenced against one of the allies.  Treaties of alliance very often define precisely the event which shall be regarded as the casus foederis.[1]

Wild Willpower PAC is currently Standing With Standing Rock with the Oceti Sakowin people, as well as with people of all classes, colors, creeds, & traditions who are united in protecting the ancient & beloved Missouri River from being polluted by oil- specifically because an oil pipeline owned by Dakota Access, L.L.C.a subsidiary of Energy Transferhas negligently planned to install a pipeline across it, thus endangering the wildlife and drinking water of everyone downstream.

If Able, Please Support Our Urgent Fundraiser to Help Water Protectors and The World:

Fundraiser: Supplies for Wild Willpower to Aid Standing Rock on Crowdrise

It should be noted that  placing an oil-carrying pipeline, which creates an imminent danger upon all those downstream, is a violation of United States Code Title 33 – NAVIGATION AND NAVIGABLE WATERS
Sec. 1321 – Oil and hazardous substance liability , which is part of why we began “peaceably assembling” StandingRockClassAction.org in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the Oceti Sakowin (Lakota language for “Seven Councils”), & the Oceti Sakowin Camp of peaceful, self-titled “Water Protectors” who alerted the world to the danger the people & river are facing due to this negligent decision to place an oil-carrying pipeline across a navigable waterway.

Due to major & even violent civil rights violations witnessed by the whole world against against Water Protectors, we have been compiling an “Actions Archive(that is being more well-organized daily) so everyone can witness the evidence for themselves.  While looking through the archive, if you see any videos, articles, or photos not yet included, please send them to us so we can get them integrated.  This is one of several ways you can help.  Thanks so much!

To learn more & to get involved with the Water Protectors, visit www.OcetiSakowinCamp.org, (Facebook page: Oceti Sakowin Camp).  We also would like to express much gratitude to all the hard workers who have been very gracious to us here at the Prairie Knights Casino – you have all been wonderful & your work has been duly noted & needed in regards to accommodating the major influx of people from around the world who have come to stand beside the Oceti Sakowin in order to legally halt the pipeline from being constructed, & attain Redress for damages & injuries already incurred.  We also seek to give a heartfelt thank you to the people of Standing Rock & the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council for having us as guests as we work to be useful to the cause.

 Please tune into the camp, and send any direct financial contributions, if able, to www.OcetiSakowinCamp.org.  Thank you so much for caring & we’ll keep updating this site daily to help bring the movement into focus as best we can.

www.StandingRockClassAction.org, in aid to:


Recovery & Printing Costs- Fundraiser for WildWillpower.org on Crowdrise


Campaign Contributions are much appreciated; they help our team to continue progressing the plan.  

Campaign Contributions help us continue:

& Amending Relations Wherever Possible