Samaritans of the USA; Those Who Made This All Possible!

   One of the unique traits encharactered throughout & all the projects websites we diligently have been putting together for years, is the unique & inspiring journey of its founder, Alexandra “Distance Fathoms Everheart” Wilson. 

   She began walking & hitchhiking the USA following September 11th, 2001 at age 21 to use less gas & write songs to protest “an oil war” & to inspire people to live in a good way among nonhuman beings among wild native ecosystems.  Wild Willpower believes that together we can make the world a better place by helping to heal wounded hearts everywhere:

   Wild Willpower would have been possible without the kindness of good samaritans, who gave their trust & time to help an often “dirty hippie” who was simply looking for & dreaming of a kinder world where people who wanted to live among the wild without killing animals would have a place to simply be, & that others with differing ideals would also have their space to legally live among the wild as well.  That notion is is being made a reality now thanks to, The Supreme Court, &  Thank you to all you good samaritans out there for helping to make a better future for us all!

   Here’s another video of “Downtown Michael Brown”, who helped Kevin Byrd & Distance Everheart in early 2014 get from point A to point B- just to help out:

   In case you need more inspiration:

   Here’s are just a few (an extremely small percent) of the people who picked Distance up hitchhiking along the way over the years.  These people are the heart of everything Wild Willpower stands for among our guiding principles:  

(If I screwed up any of your names or you’d like to add contact information or a bit about yourself or a quote; OR 415-798-7457)


Austin Thomas:

Jeff Taylor:

Chuck & Clair near Government Mountain, Arizona:

Joyce Crews:

Dan Miller:

David Lemonhead Lobato:

Dallas of Sonoma Desert:

Calvin Lee Walker:  

Joyce Crew:

Juan O.:

Distance & cool guy in Colorado:

A family from New Zealand:

Distance with Steve Miller & Joan Miller at their home in Moab, Utah:

Stuarte of Petaluma CA fixing Distance’s original set of Lightning Dancers:

Ernie Brown & Jason Baker:

Christopher Rae, a really cool highway patrolman in California that gave me a lift further up the road:

Still unlabeled (a lot of work building these websites!):  Don Waley, , Jackson, Joachim Preinesberger:Micah Janet & Wynn, Analisa Phoenix,  Rain Lou Aster Christopher Rey & Distance Everheart, Randy Bolt, Distance Everheart & Richard from Alturas,  Richard Smith of Nebraska, Samuel Edgar, Steve,  & a trucker (a lot of truckers picked us up illegally yet nobly)Daniel Nelson

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