Enact “Civilian Restoration Corps.” to Create Diverse Organic Food Supplies throughout All Towns & Cities

This Petition Is One of Three Petitions Designed to Be Coupled With a Thoughtfully-Planned “En Masse Homesteading Movement“- Which Will Collectively:


  1. The Proposal
  2. Several Ways This Will Benefit Everyone
  3. Things That Should Be Considered:
  4. The Petition: Authorize “The Swords To Plowshares Act”

#1.)  The Proposal

This plan is modeled after Civilian Conservation Corps.another public works plan accredited with having financially dug America out of The Great Depression., “The C.C.C.” as it came to be called was implemented by one of the country’s most beloved Democratic United States Presidents of all time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

FDR build our youth

Special thanks to LIKESUCCESS for putting together the above graphic we’re utilizing as a form of expression protected under Fair Use in order to help convey this plan.

    “Civilian Restoration Corps.” is a public works program  designed to allocate resources (i.e. “Homesteading Starter Kits“, solar panels, etc.) and training necessary to create millions of jobs “planting free food & herbal medicine everywhere (useful plants & trees using traditional permaculture techniques from around the world, with an emphasis on planting native & heirloom flora & fauna) throughout towns & cities of all sizes- thus replacing “decoratives & water-suckers” (i.e. lawns) throughout urban and rural town areas.  Also Civilian Restoration Corps. will be charged with creating “a completely energy-independent, wisely-built system designed “to power the peoples’ energy needs without creating unnecessary amounts of “perpetual dependence upon the need to extract combustible fuel”.  The plan includes hiring permaculture & ethnobotany experts, sustainable energy design teams & builders, & others “to create a self-sufficient, sustainable infrastructure which supplies the needs of the populace (housing , water, food, energy) using “the most ecologically-wise, publicly-beneficial solutions possible.”


#2.)  Our Proposal:

To initiate a Public Works Program which is referred to people via any Department of Human Resources or Labor Division office within the country.

  • Public gardens will be designed & implemented among newly-designated “no spray zones” (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, etc., etc.); pest & rodent deterring plants (i.e. Mole Plant {Euphorbia lathyris} & others) as well as companion planting techniques (i.e. “The 3 Sisters“) will be utilized.  Fruit & nut trees will be planted from cuttings, & watering will be made automated.  A diversity of useful plants, trees, shrubs, & vines will be approved for use by Civilian Restoration Corps., & areas will be planted “to provide each community with a biodiversity large enough to help meet its needs and the needs of passers-by.”
  •  Topsoil will be brought to the cities from state & federal lands using the least ecologically-disruptive harvesting methods possible, & “native & heirloom seed packets” will be disseminated to Civilian Restoration Corps. teams along with instructions in order to help orchestrate the movement.  The cost of bags of soil will be subsidized so it can be purchased from local hardware stores, etc. & be used by C.R.C.

#3.) Several Ways This Will Benefit Everyone:

First off, because imagine if people got paid to do this all throughout towns & cities of all sizes:

Sidewalk into food walk

Several More Ways This Will Help:

Please sign the petition, there’s more campaign details below:

Before We Continue, Here’s A Quick Song from Sesame Street That May Help Inspire The Movementjust to keep it light!

A Message from Wild Willpower’s Campaign Organizer, Distance Everheart:

During The Great Depression, The Civilian Conservation Corp. (CCC) was developed to put 3 million Americans to work.  This really is accredited to having helped dig the country out of the depression, AND is also how we got many of the hiking trails, rock stairwells, & campsites established throughout our public wildlands.  That helped afford us a stronger tourism industry, but tourism is still part of a “service based economy”, meaning its not producing anything.  By signing “The Swords To Plowshares Act”, we can help spread vital, real knowledge & resources necessary to safely steer society toward an ecologically-beneficial, productionbased economy that will lead to prosperity and health for people.”

-Distance Everheart, Campaign Organizer

Please sign the petition, there’s more campaign details below:

Now that you have learned how to join the en masse homesteading movement& signed all 3 Petitionsplease learn Part 3 of Wild Willpower’s Plan:

3.)  Learn why Wild Willpower endorses Bernie Sanders for U.S. President

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