This section goes hand-in-hand with Wild Willpower’s “Rent & Mortgage Free Housing for all Citizens” National Housing Solutions Proposal.

Eco-Wise Homesteading:

    If everyone were to simply “go out into the woods to stake their claims”, most land would be eaten up so fast it would cause irreversible ecological damage- so its essential that this movement is orchestrated carefully via spreading access to resources & vital knowledge as part of an “Outgrow the Economy” Campaign.

Resource access includes heirloom & native seed packets which are pre-packaged with their companion plants and educational materials regarding “the most efficient gardening techniques in the world”.  We call these “kits”

Homesteading Starter Kits

Highly-Efficient Gardening Techniques

“Homestead” is a Legal Term:

The term “homestead” is actually a legal term designed to protect the possession & enjoyment of one’s house & adjoining land from being foreclosed on by one’s creditors.  That is the main reason we use the term “homesteading” to describe “self-sufficient & abundant living through planting diverse gardens”.  It is our assertion, as an organization, that “housing & a place to grow” is  an inherent right.

HOMESTEAD according to Black’s Law Dictionary:

“The home place; the place where the home is.  It is the home, the house & the adjoining land, where the head of the family dwells; the home farm.  Technically, however, & under the modern homestead laws, a homestead is an artificial estate in land, devised to protect the possession & enjoyment of the owner against the claims of his creditors, by withdrawing the property from execution & forced sale, so long as the land is occupied as a home.”

Learn more about “Homesteading” as a legal term


 Below we have a list of resources to help people everywhere live more abundant, self-sufficient, & ecologically-compatible lives:

  • to improve local food supplies.

  • to stop landfills from growing because “gardens aren’t wrapped in garbage”.

  • to provide families the opportunity to live self-sufficient & healthy lives.

  • to reduce dependence on welfare programs (and thus, to reduce taxes) via helping families to live self-sufficient & abundant lives.

  • to transition away from a food supply which is dependent upon the subjugation of animals.  To learn more, please watch this shortened version of the documentary Earthlings.

Let’s help the people AND the animals, AND restore the ecosystems!

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