“A Class Action for Standing Rock”

    Wild Willpower PAC began building www.StandingRockClassAction.org September 2016, which served as a framework for producing this much more thorough book.  These are first drafts of this book which will be ready in its entirety soon.  We have a fundraiser on CrowdRise.com to help us afford publishing costs as well; if you like what you see & would like to see this come to fruition, please consider offering a contribution.

Sectiion 1:  Pre-Contact Great Plains Tribes

Section 2:  First Contact w Europeans- French & Spanish- Introduction to Guns & Horses

Section 3:  American Revolution to Indian Removal Act PREVIEW PAGES

Section 4:  The Development of U.S. Water Policy & The Two Treaties of Fort Laramie

Section 5:  All Subsequent Treaty Violations (coming soon, pending fundraiser)

Section 6:  Illegal DAPL Approval Process Mapped (pending fundraiser)

Chapter 7:  Our Redress of Grievances (list of reasonable demands) which can be glimpsed (in part) on StandingRockClassAction.org.

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