Water Protector Civil Law List of Resources

Below is a list of resources we’ve been compiling since arriving to Standing Rock.  

This following PDF is from the North Dakota Federal District Courthouse website, & contains a list of useful resources regarding enforcing civil law:

Official North Dakota Pro Se Litigation Handbook

Resources listed in the above Pro Se Litigation Handbook were used to assemble this free 27 page PDF that is full of useful, credibly-cited information; this packet will be updated in the near future, however we’re releasing it somewhat prematurely because the information is vital.  There are some history sections within just to bring context to the material so that it is better understood to know why the law is designed in the manner that it is:

A Vital Introduction to Civil Law

We recently created

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so we can finish developing www.StandingRockClassAction.org and get two new important publications off the printer.  StandingRockClassAction.org has a very important archive that is in-the-making of all videos, articles, & photos that have to do with Standing Rock; they are being organized into a navigable Wiki-style platform for reference purposes.  Click the following graphic to view the site, and please scroll down for previews from the upcoming publications including the book form class action lawsuit.

Publication #1:  “The Pro Se Litigation Guidebook“; Learn to build & file civil actions– courtroom procedure, legal definitions, all types of writs, orders, & motions, need-to-know civil rights enforcing statutes and court rulings, & much more.  Includes Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence as well as blank court forms from the United States Courts website in context with “when, where, & how to file them”.  Learn more & read preview pages.

Publication #2:  “A Class Action for Standing Rock“; This common law case uses the same framework found throughout www.StandingRockClassAction.org, except this contains many more detailed facts among a well-cited book.  If the website were a rough draft, this is a final draft that will eventually double as a textbook which simultaneously teaches history and law.  Learn more & read preview pages.

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Why Build Lawsuits Publicly?

Pro Se litigation” can be a very powerful & wise way to file a lawsuit.  “Pro Se” literally translates “for yourself” or “on your own behalf”.  “Litigation” translates “prosecute in court for the purpose of enforcing a right”.  Injustices are an everyday occurrence, and “finding & affording an attorney” can be difficult or impossible for low income people especially. Wild Willpower focuses on “building & filing cases publicly” so that “our successes and mistakes can be learned from”.  According to our research, when civilians begin “stacking the facts & building cases” instead of just marching, petitioning, & building visual campaigns, we will begin knocking out injustices left & right.  From “busting monopolies” (i.e. the one Monsanto has on Iowa, for instance) to “filing eminent domain on large rental complexes in order to give rental spaces to tenants” we foresee that the people will “peaceably & legally” incite a great deal of important, logistically-sound change via learning to use due process of law.  At a time when “shock & awe media” have most people feeling helpless, frightened, & confused, Wild Willpower PAC is focused on  compiling useful practical knowledge to help create an informed, effective citizenry.  We believe that when criminals (whether civilians or “authorities acting under color of law“) know that they may actually be held accountable if they break the law, that white collar crime will go down, & communities will begin to prosper.

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