“The Civil Law Guidebook” by Wild Willpower PAC

    While this book is being finished, we have crafted this useful guide for use in the interim:

A Vital Introduction to Civil Law

    Have you ever had your rights violated, & then been unable to find adequate representation?  Would you like to be able to go into court & represent yourself in order to prove your case, receive restitution for damages, and hold those who violated you accountable in a court of law, including officers if need be?  Would you like to help end courtroom abuse because you’re tired of watching innocent people get preyed upon by malicious white collar criminals?  The Civil Law Guidebook contains vital information compiled from government websites, universities, & other credible organizations in order to bring this knowledge to everyone asap; all sources are meticulously cited throughout this go-to reference guide.  This book will help you enter the courtroom with knowledge & confidence, & is designed to restore justice & opportunity for all in this land; this is not some “book of loopholes” designed to help scammers rip people off.  Instead its designed to hold those types of people accountable.


Preview Pages:

Note;  The below preview pages constitute randomly selected pages throughout this nearly finished new book.  All materials throughout this publications have been compiled as a mode of First Amendment Expression, & copyrighted materials throughout are protected by Fair Use.

The Civil Law Guidebook PREVIEW PAGES

MORE Civil Law Guidebook history section PREVIEW PAGES

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