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There are several ways to donate, listed below.  Please email if there is another method you would prefer to use that is not listed or if you’d like to become a monthly sponsor.  Also you may scroll down to view our list of needed resources to learn how the money will be utilized.

Note:  We just received our registration packet from the Federal Elections Commission (“FEC”), & will file as America’s first “Civil PAC“.  Until then, we are just hard workers who are severely underfunded.  Thanks so much for helping out!

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Is Contributing To Wild Willpower Tax Deductible?

Not at this time.  We’re currently in the process of filing our “Civil PAC” (Political Action Committee) with The Federal Elections Committee (FEC), however there is much paperwork to be filed, so we are currently accepting contributions under Buckley v. Valeo & The First Amendment.  We’ll provide our FEC# asap. 

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