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Before getting involved in this way, please carefully read this entire website so you  know what we’re doing & why; if you have any questions, concerns, or proposed ideasplease email  

Below are several PDFs you can download in order to get directly involved today:

#1:  Print Cards to Hand Out:

The best thing to do is to use really nice thick glossy paper & a quality printer.  First impressions are important!  They way you’re dressed, your cleanliness, & how you present yourself are all very important.  We have worked for years to create Wild Willpower into a fantastic organization.  Please be respectful & a good caring representative of our organization & yourself.  Don’t interrupt people & just do your best.  That’s all we ask.

Card #1: Acorn Card:

Glossy Acorn Card

Download “10 Acorn Wild Willpower cards”

Card #2: Porcupine Card:

New Glossy Card

Download “10 Porcupine Wild Willpower cards”

Also Feel Free to Download Cards for



Download Ten Cards (5 of each of the above cards)

Collecting Campaign Contributions; Know The Law

You may collect campaign contributions while out gathering petition signatures & promoting the cause.  “Giving money to support political causes” is protected under The First Amendment and Federal Elections Commission (“FEC”) ruling Buckley v. Valeo.

Keep Records

However, all money that comes to you needs to be recorded.   Keep a journal each time you go out- write the date & hours that you were out collecting signatures, promoting, making signs, etc.  If you make any purchases while doing campaign work (printing cards, purchasing meals, bus tickets, etc.), paperclip the receipt onto the page where your hours are recorded; this helps provide evidence that you are actually doing campaign work so that you can show officers & prove you’re not embezzling money (likely you won’t need to show them- but if an officer does inquire, it helps to be able to provide evidence that can help them protect your rights by helping officers to understand).

All money that comes to you needs to be recorded, & it can be used to help supply you with your needs, such as food, hygiene products, & other living expenses as the campaign moves forward.  This will give you the freedom to “get paid for doing what you believe in” while we continue developing the websites, publications, & moving the campaign forward from our end.  If you find yourself doing exceptionally well in garnering support while out campaigning, please offer a percent of what you raise back to help support the campaign.

You Do Not Need A Commercial Permit to Perform First Amendment Activity

You can legally collect campaign contributions while out petitioning & promoting; people are legally able to offer campaign contributions “on the street” because “giving money may be done as a form of expression” under Federal Elections Commission ruling Buckley v. Valeo.  Here is an excerpt from the ruling from The Amendment Gazette‘s article, “How Spending Money Became a Form of Speech:

“A restriction on the amount of money a person or group can spend on political communication during a campaign necessarily reduces the quantity of expression by restricting the number of issues discussed, the depth of their exploration, and the size of the audience reached.  This is because virtually every means of communicating ideas in today’s mass society requires the expenditure of money. The distribution of the humblest handbill or leaflet entails printing, paper, and circulation costs. Speeches and rallies generally necessitate hiring a hall and publicizing the event. The electorate’s increasing dependence on television, radio, and other mass media for news and information has made these expensive modes of communication indispensable instruments of effective political speech.”

Because most incorporated municipalities (“Cities”) require you to purchase a commercial permit in order to be able to set up a booth & do outreach, be prepared to speak with officers who may approach you.  Important!  Be sure to download & read this

Petitioning & Civil Defense Guide

Gather Signatures for a Good Cause:

Collect Petition Signatures, Earn Money

Write An Article About Wild Willpower:

You may have a gift for writing articles, & after reading through the sites & seeing what we’re building on a daily basis, you might imagine to yourself:

“If I were building all these websites & publications and helping to set up the cooperative and the school, how would possibly have any time to write an article about what we’re doing while still in a phase of having zero funding for such a large movement?”

Well- thank you so much for considering our position!  If you have a gift for writing & want to help us help humanity & the planet, please feel more than welcome to use any of the graphics throughout the websites to try to “put it in context” & describe what’s going on.

Once your article is finished & you’d like to submit it for review or if you’d like to conduct an interview our founder & organizer, Distance Everheart, please contact

We look forward to hearing from you, & thanks for helping to lift the campaign!  Many more “ways to get involved” will be available as we move forward.

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