Below are several resources we’ve spent years compiling.  Supporting our work will help us to continue producing quality, solution-oriented educational materials for years to come.

The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App– a very important tool in-the-making enables people to identify plants, shrubs, trees, mushrooms, & more in less than 5 questions and learn step-by-step how to process them for their traditional edible, medicinal, & utility uses and many other wilderness survival skills.  Also can be used to coordinate with forest officials in order to legally harvest from National Forests, Parks, etc..

A Legal & Information Guide for Wildharvesters– a helpful guide packed with a great deal of useful knowledge for beginners & experts alike.

Kern River Wildharvesting Cooperative this first-of-its-kind organization is teaching how to vastly improve America’s food supply via modeling an “ecologically-restorative, production based local economy that prevents wildfires.

More Valuable Than Gold” by Richard Lonewolf– textbook

The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands“- hour long DVD featuring Richard Lonewolf


After working for many years of studying & data compilation in order to build the many sites & publications which make up our organization, we’re currently seeking to raise $4000 to afford to renovate a home base for our organization from where we can self-publish our publications, build cases, and continue building The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App.  Please consider offering a contribution, if able. 

Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future