“More Valuable Than Gold”- textbook

This book is not about how to merely survive– this is a book about accessing great abundance, & is written by a 62-year-old Cherokee/Lakota/Northern Cheyenne elder who has LIVED these skills since he was a young boy & who grew up to teach at several universities, to U.S. Armed Forces units, & students of all ages his entire life.

More Valuable Than Gold features over 175 thick quality pages and 225 vibrant color photos showing step-by-step, in-depth instructions for a plethora of edible, utility, AND medicinal uses for over 50 common plants, shrubs, trees, & vines- many which grow coast to coast all throughout North America, Europe, The Middle East, & temperate zone Asia.  

Preview Pages:

Cover of Book (laminated for durability):

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Some of the pages on Oak tree uses:

Oak pages for ad

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Pages on Pine tree uses; each page throughout the book has a unique layout:

Pine Pages for Ad

The first 2 pages on Cattails:

cattail pages for ad

Some of the pages on shelter building:

first shelter pages for ad

Skipping a couple pages forward…

Wikiup Shelters for ad

One of The “Ancient Cooking Techniques” Covered:

Steam Pit pages for ad

There’s also a 6-page traditional native medical index & quick-reference guide: 

medical index for ad

Learn a bit more about the book here on the first 2 (of 16) “Intro Pages”:

First intro pages for ad

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