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This page contains several grassroots film projects put together during the earliest days of Wild Willpower.  We plan to release many high-quality films in the future.  Enjoy!

This hour & a half long documentary was released by Distance in winter 2014 it introduces topics addressed throughout & other parts of Wild Willpower as well; much as developed in our strategy since this was filmed, but its good to remember our roots!  This documentary, called “Cashmere for the Homeless”, addresses issues that homeless people face & juxtaposes these issues against real-world solutions which averts these problems from continuing via introducing ethnobotany & ancient wild living skills into peoples’ lives.  Many problems society currently faces will cease, but the first step is education & advocation:

A Tour of Distance’s Highly-Efficient, All-Weather Outdoor Gear Crafted from Secondhand Materials using both Ancient & Original Techniques

Richard Lonewolf on the many uses of “Soaproot Plant” {Chlorogalum pomeridianum} from “The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands“:


Richard Lonewolf on “Golden Chia Plant” {Salvia columbaria} fromThe Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands“: 

Richard Lonewolf on some of the many uses of “Cattail Plants” {Typhus latifolia} from “The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands“:

2014 “Fungus Fair” hosted by The San Francisco Mycological Society (a brief tour):


Introduction to Wild Willpower; The Beginning of it All:

Thanks for Watching!!!

If you like what you see and you want to see this important plan take root– if you would like to also see high-quality productions & publications and the further development of The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App, please consider offering a heartfelt Campaign Contribution to Wild Willpower.  We’re working hard!  (Thank you so much!)

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