Richard Lonewolf Survival School

Between 2010 & 2016, Wild Willpower’s founder, Alexandra “Distance Everheart” Wilsonlearned & documented alongside U.S. Army Veteran & Ethnobotany & Wilderness Survival Expert Richard “Lonewolf” Legan.  The documentationwas used to build as well as a textbook called More Valuable Than Gold & also a DVD called The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands.  Many of the skills he teaches were also used to build the framework of The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App, which was built & designed by Distance.

Dear Friends, Family, Students, & Fans of Richard Lonewolf:

A message from Distance:

It is with great sorrow that I must announce that on 4-13-2016, Lonewolf was arrested & later convicted of a felony & two misdemeanors.  Since his arrest, he has adamantly affirmed to me that he is not guilty of the charges.  He stated this to me on the phone several times, & then we lost contact for several months until recently.

On 1-22-2017, I received five letters from him of which I will post here soon.  Within the letters, he told me that he had not gotten the opportunity to meet with his attorney prior to his case, & that “several times” he was told that his attorney was “on his way”, but never showed up for their several scheduled appointments.  This is in alignment with the last conversation we had on the phone, at which time he told me that he “did not know the name of his attorney yet”.  In the letter he goes on to describe that “the plaintiff did not tell the truth during the case”, & that the attorney informed him he was facing “20 years to life”.  This is the reason he pleaded “No Contest” rather than “Guilty”.  He still attests to his innocence & that he was falsely accused & convicted.

He has personally asked me to reach out to the world in request for prayers for his safety & well-being, as well as for that of his family who has been greatly hurt from all this.  

We believe Richard Lonewolf was falsely accused of these crimes, & we are currently investigating the case to see what can be done.  he is being held in Wasco State Prison.

We will keep you informed as this case develops.  Please write to him at the following address:

Richard Legan CDC #: BB5286

State Prison/RC, B-2, cell 124

P.O. Box 5500

Wasco, CA 93280

Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future