Re-Allocate the “$20 Billion per Year” from Section 8 to “Buy Out Landlords” & *Give Rental Spaces to Tenants*


For the next 20 years landlords will receive the same amount that they are currently receiving in rent.  Tenants receive the Title Deeds to their rental spaces, & the money saved by tenants (from not payin rent) can be used to fix up their spaces & live sustainably.  After approximately 40 years, Americans will save more than $20 billion per year in taxes, whereas currently there is no plan to get off our perpetual payment of Section 8, & the unsustainable living conditions that come with it.

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Section 1:  Information About & Annual Cost of Section 8:

The often amended “Section 8″ of the Housing Act of 1937 (42 U.S.C. § 1437f) was started  during The Great Depression, & today- after several subsequent amendments, authorizes the payment of rental housing assistance to private landlords on behalf of approximately 4.8 million low-income households as of 2008.[1]

In 2010, Over $20 Billion Was Allocated On Behalf of These Rent & Housing-Related Subsidiary Programs:

2. Rental Housing Analysis:

There are 43,267,432 renter-occupied households, containing 110,175,847 residents (National Multifamily Housing Council, 2016), & 3,213,000 vacant rental units (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 2016).  43,267,432 (renter-occupied households) plus 3,213,000 (vacant rental spaces) = 46,480,432 total rental living spaces available.

“Renter-occupied structures” include:

  • Single-Family Units:  15,194,827 structures with 47,652,188 residents living in them
  • 2 to 4 Units:  7,777,641 households, containing 19,008,529 residents.
  • 5 or More Units:  18,299,474 households, containing 37,831,895 residents.
  • Mobile Homes:  1,955,026
  • Other:  40,464

The vague “5 or More Units” category within the “Rental Households” section:

Rental building

The “5 or More Units” category also represents “rental towns” like Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village in New York City, where (in most cases) “all rental income is allocated to a single landowner” every month:

Stuyvesant Town rentals NY

[Above photo  use protected under First Amendment & Fair Use, from “Blackstone to Buy Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Town for $5.3 Billion” by ]

Examining “The Power Structure of Rent“:

Though many people haven’t given it a second thought, rental situations like those in the above photos are quite commonbut do these situations breed extreme wealth inequality?

Well, you may have heard that- on average- CEOs Earn ~355 times the amount of the average employee earns, while in fast food industries (& other places) wealth inequality is be even more divided:

Click to Enlarge:Bart worker pay bilboard

[Thank you The California Endowment for putting up the above billboard at the Cerrito Del Norte BART Station!]

“Wealth inequality” can appear even more obscene among rental situations:Rental Power Structure diagram

How The Above Scenarios Have Led to Gross Inequality in Land Ownership:

10% of the population currently owns 82 percent of the real estate (and 81 percent of the stocks and 88 percent of the bonds), & the top 5% of landowners [not five percent of the total population] own 75% of that land!

[Source:  The Land Lords: Some FactsNational Council of State Housing Agencies study, & Federal Reserve Bank data in Left Business Observer, April 3, 1996, p. 5]

How is This Even Possible?!?!

Well, according to Business Insider, 10 companies basically own nearly every major product on the market: 

Again, click to enlarge:

10 companies own everything

Which Brings Us To…

Statistics On Renters…

The Rental Class is Facing Real Hardships:

  • Half of all tenants nationwide pay more than 30 percent of their actual income in rent.  It’s considered the worst time in 36 years to be a renter in America- the highest cost burden recorded by Zillow since the real estate firm began tracking the figure in 1979.
  • One in every four renting households spends at least 50 cents of every dollar they earn on rent.


  • Currently Tenants usually pay $500-$2000 per month in rent, while Property Owners tend to pay $500-$2000 per year in Property Taxes ( visit your local County Assessor’s office to research how much the annual fee for property taxes of your address costs).   Tenants currently are spend way too much for housing, & they don’t get to keep what they earn.  Because they pay everything they have for the cost of living- many will never qualify to purchase a home- thus becoming “rental slaves” for life.
  • There is no production of resources (no generation of GDP) through paying rent; the same money used to pay rent could instead be used to help families live sustainably & get ahead in life.  A “rent-dependent society” bogs ALL of us down & keeps us ALL from getting ahead- thus keeping our nation strapped in debt.
  • Landlords & Property Managers often create Arbitrary & Capricious rules & regulations which increase the cost of living for tenants by preventing them from living sustainably- growing food, composting, getting solar panels, improving building insulation, etc.  These typical & oppressive policies are destructive to the environment, ecosystems, & families in general, thereby forcing the family’s dependence upon the commercial system in a way which abrogates their access to Constitutional Common Law (which protects homesteading).

    Articles On The Burdens Tenants Are Enduring:

  1. Eminent Domain All Rental Spaces

  2. Give Title Deeds to The Spaces To Tenants

  3. Re-Allocate “the $20 billion per year” we currently spend on Section 8 in order to “buy out landlords”


We useEminent Domain” in order to “Take All Rental Spaces” & “Give New Title Deeds to the Rental Spaces to the Tenants who inhabit those spaces” via “Re-Allocating the $20 Billion per Year (plus State and local subsidies) we currently spend via taxes in order to fund Section 8 in order to “Buy Out Landlords” so they’ll receive “the same amount they currently receive from rent for the next 20 years”.  This gives us a strategy “to reduce taxes by over $20 billion per year” in a way that won’t cause economic collapsewhereas currently there is no plan to get off our perpetual dependence on paying for Section 8, & the unsustainable living conditions that come with it.  Along with their “Title Deeds to their spaces”, Tenants  will receive a copy of their “Rights & Responsibilities” as new owners, (i.e. code compliance, property taxes, etc.) as society is allocated heirloom seeds & educational materials to help people “live sustainably & with great abundance” from wherever they’re at.  The money saved by tenants (from not paying rent) can be used to fix up their spaces & live sustainably.


[Mathew 5:5, photo graphic from “Militia of the Imaculata“]

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Real estate mogul Donald Trump on why he thinks “Eminent Domain is wonderful” when used to benefit the public:

A Second Video:  Donald Trump endorsing Eminent Domain:

Lastly- before we present the petition– here’s a relevant quote by Bill Mollison on “making peaceful revolutions actually work” from

Land ownership in U.S. is statistically unfair today due to early unconstitutional land grabs followed by inheritance of those deeds to many of today’s landlord class:

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