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     Wild Willpower‘s official platform is described below.  Within each of the below links, you’ll find a vast array of concise information as well as new technology which has taken years to comile & present to you today.

Part 1 – A Plan to End Homelessness & Create Sustainable Living for Everyone:


  • There are approximately 3.5 million homeless people in the U.S.[1]
  • There are currently ~18.5 million abandoned & neglected properties throughout the U.S.[2]
  • The U.S. has more than 7 million housing units than what are needed to house our (2017) population.[3]
  • 10 percent of the U.S. population owns 82% of the real estate, while only 5% of that population owns 75% of that land![4]

     Our housing proposal will provide people with permanent, rent-free housing for those who are seeking to live sustainably & grow their own food (“homesteading“) while reducing taxes by more than $20 billion dollars per year.

The Proposal Contains 2 Parts:

Full Plan in One Petition:

Wild Willpower’s National Housing Solutions Petition

Streamlining The Movement:

    Heirloom seed “starter kits” & educational materials will help people get started right away on their path toward self-sufficient living— communities will thrive:

Eco-Wise Homesteading Resources

Part 2 – Public Education on the U.S. Legal System, &  Urgent Practical Justice Reform:

       When “one side knows courtroom procedure (the prosecutor), while the person who is  falsely accused of a crime (the  Defendant) does not, often the person who is falsely accused becomes victim to what is known as a color of law crime.  We call typical scenarios like these a type of “Courtroom Abuse“. 

Scroll down to view to learn more & view our plan.

     Another type of “courtroom abuse” is when a civilian, who has not commit a crime nor given probable cause for an officer to suspect such, is shot & killed by an officer.  Then the state chooses not to hold the officer accountable.   This often leads to public outrage including protests, causing things to escalate, endangering both officers and civilians!

    What people need to know is that they personally can build a case & file a lawsuit against the officer(s) &/or agency using the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  We have been working diligently  to teach everything people need to know about the U.S. legal system via compiling


      We believe that when people know how the system works, communities will begin “stacking evidence”, filing the paperwork in proper order, & going on the offense in court to ascertain the types of Redress they’re seeking.

    In addition to “teaching people the rules”, we propose the following justice reforms to help ensure officer accountability (click to read each aspect of the plan & sign the petition associated with each):

Part 3 – An Ecologically-Restorative Plan to Fulfill Our Economic Needs:

Our Ecologically-Restorative Plan for Economic Recovery includes:

Part 4 – Improving the Wellbeing of Tribes:

     It is our intention that our plan to help improve the wellbeing of tribes will help foster the conditions necessary to create a cultural convergence to improve relations, through mutual understanding, education, & unity of cause, between U.S. Citizens & Tribal people.  We’ve put together a dynamic plan which works in conjunction with our Ecologically-Restorative Plan for Economic Recovery & Public Benefit.

To Improve the Wellbeing of Tribes, Citizens, & Our World Family, We Propose:

Part 5 – The Best of Bernie’s Plan:

    We’ve selected our favorite parts from Bernie Sanders’ plan as part of our proposed national plan:

The Best of Bernie’s Plan

We’re a Peaceable Assembly of Civilians:

      We recently received our registration packet from the Federal Elections Commission, & we’ll soon officially register as America’s first Civil PAC

      We’re focused on creating works to help build a bridge to help society transition from “an ecologically-destructive, socially unjust way of living” to “a sustainable, highly-abundant way of living.”

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[1]: National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, 2007:   http://www.nationalhomeless.org/factsheets/How_Many.html
[2]: The Mind Unleashed, “18,600,000 vacant homes in the United States. Enough for every homeless person to have six!”: http://themindunleashed.com/2014/02/18600000-vacant-homes-united-states-enough-every-homeless-person-six.html
[3]: “More than 7 million housing units than needed to house the population”: www.wildwillpower.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/1-Wild-Willpowers-National-Housing-Solutions-Petition-1.pdf
[4]:  “Ten percent of populations owns 82% of real estate, & 5% owns 75% of that land”: End Game Research: Federal Reserve Bank data in Left Business Observer, April 3, 1996, p. 5 and Geisler, Rural Sociology 1993, 58(4): 532-546, collected by “The Land Lords: Some Facts”: http://www.endgame.org/landlords-facts.html


4.) Carrying the Torch for “The Best of Bernie’s Plan

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