PETITION – *Sustainable Housing Solutions* National Plan (reduces taxes by more than $20 billion per year)

Two Petitions, One Plan:

Petition #1.) Allocate the 18+ million Abandoned Properties throughout the U.S. to People who want to live sustainably

Petition #2.) Re-allocate the $20 billion/year used to fund Section 8 to buy out Landlords & *give rental spaces to Tenants*

  • renters will have an extra $500-1000 in their pocket per month from not having to pay rent
  • taxes will be reduced taxes by more than $20 billion per year!
  • visit the petition site to read full plan, view statistics, & sign.

Sustainable Living Made Simple:

    Heirloom seed “starter kits” & educational materials will help people get started right away on their path toward self-sufficient living- communities will soon thrive:

Eco-Wise Homesteading Resources

Full Plan in One Downloadable PDF:

Wild Willpower’s National Housing Solutions Petition



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   Lastly here’s a relevant quote by Bill Mollison on “making peaceful revolutions actually work” from

Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future