Civilian Restoration Corps. – Millions of Jobs Creating Sustainable Infrastructure and Diverse Gardens throughout Towns & Cities

Part One – Overview

     This plan is an upgrade modeled after Civilian Conservation Corps. (“C.C.C.”)another public works program accredited with having financially dug America out of The Great Depression.  The C.C.C. was implemented by the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt:


FDR build our youth

Special thanks to LIKESUCCESS for putting together the above graphic we’re utilizing as a form of expression protected under Fair Use in order to help convey this plan.

Jobs to Create a Sustainable, Diverse Food Supply:

    “Civilian Restoration Corps.” is a public works program  designed to allocate resources (i.e. “Homesteading Starter Kits“, wood for raised beds & cold frames, solar panels, piping & timers for watering, etc.) and training necessary to create millions of jobs “planting free food & herbal medicine everywhere (useful plants & trees using diverse efficient gardening techniques from around the world, with an emphasis on planting native & heirloom flora & fauna) throughout towns & cities of all sizes— thus replacing “decoratives & water-suckers” (i.e. lawns) throughout urban areas rural towns.

     Imagine what it will be like when people get paid to do this all throughout towns & cities across America:

Sidewalk into food walk

Links to Some Amazing Resources for Use in Implementing This Section of The Plan:

#1.) Efficient Gardening Techniques
#2.) Native Plants, Shrubs, & Trees

Jobs to Rebuild and Upgrade the Infrastructure:

     Besides creating sustainable landscaping, Civilian Restoration Corps. (“CRC”) will be rebuilding the U.S. infrastructure.  Infrastructure will be upgraded via implementing a wisely-built system designed to meet Citizens’ needs without perpetuating our dependence upon the need to continue extracting combustible fuel.  Our proposed energy solutions. include:

How Is It Paid For?

    We propose paying for this in two ways.  The first one is the same way Bernie Sanders proposes paying for “The Rebuild America Act”: via authorizing $1 trillion to put 13 million Americans.  Paid for by making corporations pay taxes on all of the profits they have shifted to the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax havens, which the Congressional Research Services estimates may currently create losses that approach $100 billion annually, and other loopholes. [1]

Bernie Sanders on “The Rebuild America Act” (he hasn’t endorse our plan yet):

Jobs for Specialists & Workers:

     The plan includes hiring permaculture & ethnobotany experts, sustainable energy design specialists, & others “to create a self-sufficient, sustainable infrastructure which supply the needs of the populace (housing , water, food, energy) using “the most ecologically-wise, publicly-beneficial solutions possible.”  

#2: Logistics:

    To initiate a Public Works Program which is referred to people via any Department of Human Resources or Labor Division office within the country.

  • Public gardens will be designed & implemented among newly-designated “no spray zones” (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, etc.); pest & rodent deterring plants (i.e. Mole Plant {Euphorbia lathyris} & others) as well as companion planting techniques (i.e. “The 3 Sisters“) will be utilized.  Fruit & nut trees will be planted from cuttings, & watering will be made automated.  A diversity of useful plants, trees, shrubs, & vines will be approved for use by Civilian Restoration Corps., & areas will be planted “to provide each community with a biodiversity large enough to help meet its needs and the needs of passers-by.”

  •  Topsoil will be brought to the cities from state & federal lands using the least ecologically-disruptive harvesting methods possible, & “native & heirloom seed packets” will be disseminated to Civilian Restoration Corps. teams along with instructions in order to help orchestrate the movement.  The cost of bags of soil will be subsidized so it can be purchased from local hardware stores, etc. & be used by C.R.C.

#3.) Several Ways This Will Benefit Everyone:


     “During The Great Depression, The Civilian Conservation Corp. (CCC) was developed to put 3 million Americans to work.  This public works program is accredited with having dug the country out of the depression, and it is also how we got many of the hiking trails, rock stairwells, & campsites established throughout our public wildlands.  The C.C.C. brought us a strong tourism industry, however tourism is generally a “service based economy”, meaning it does not produce a Gross Domestic Product.  Civilian Restoration Corps. is a plan to put our country en route to creating a strong, healthy GDP and a surplus to begin reducing our national debt & improving the lives of our citizenry.  Please consider our proposal”


Download the PDF: Implement Civilian Restoration Corps. Petition to begin collecting signatures.

&/or sign online right now – please take a moment to share this webpage & encourage other thinkers to sign as well!  This is urgent!

     Before continuing on to the rest of our platform, feel free to enjoy this song from Sesame Street – “Street Garden Cooperation”:



Civilian Conservation Corps:
The Great Depression:
Graphic of FDR quote by LIKESUCCESS:
Photo of “Turn Your Sidewalk To A Foodwalk”:

[1]: Bernie Sanders’ Official Website, “How Bernie pays for his proposals”:



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