Simplification of the U.S. Justice System

     The U.S. Justice System desperately needs to be simplified so that not only Due Process is guaranteed, but also justice is guaranteed.  Here in 2017, the justice system is in a state of crisis, wherein most often “one side knows the rules” (the prosecutors) while the Defendant who is falsely accused of a crime becomes a victim to a color of law crime simply because they do not know the rules of the court.  Another scenario includes We call scenarios like this “Courtroom Abuse”, & we believe that by teaching people the rules, we can Stop Courtroom Abuse.
.  Our goal here at Wild Willpower is to is in the midd& so that Justice is not limited to those who can interpret complex laws or to those who can afford to have someone interpret complex statutes for them. The future of Justice should have no need for lawyers or attorneys, & if it is the Duty of Lawyers & Attorneys today to institute the Planned Obsolescence of the legal industry for the sake of protecting nature & rights & securing homes & gardens to all- then so be it- as that is how it should be.
    Habitat for Humanity has a better housing plan than any realty agency ever has- or that the mortgage or rental systems are capable of providing.
    The system must be radically simplified so that it does what it is supposed to do in reality- rather than in mere theory & rhetoric
    Mapping what we currently have in place is the first step to simplifying the whole damn thing- here’s Wild Willpower’s in-the-making attempt at doing just that:


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