Mandatory Camcorders on Officers & in Gov’t Agencies – footage available to Citizens upon Request, but only by Subpoena for Executive Agents or Agencies

    Though unfinished, this section reflects our goals for vastly innovating the justice system for public benefit & benefit of civil rights:
  • Mandatory camcorders on officers which law enforcement agencies may only access via subpoena, & civilians may access upon request.  No such data may be classified, & no exemptions may be made, under use of any legal term, to prohibit such data from civil & public access.  All Citizens have a “right to receive footage” whether involved with the case directly or not.  Civilians & organizations are liable for abuse of such footage (i.e. damaging misrepresentation of content or officer endangerment).
        “In an article announcing the new Journal of Quantitative Criminology article, Cambridge University said the experiment “showed that evidence capture is just one output of body-worn video, & the technology is perhaps most effective at actually preventing escalation during police-public interactions: whether abusive behavior toward police or unnecessary use-offorce by police.’ During the 12-month Rialto experiment, use-of-force by officers wearing cameras fell by 59 percent & complaints against officers dropped by 87 percent compared to the previous year’s totals, the article states.”[1]
More information will be added to this page soon.

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[1]: From Police Foundation:

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